OC Curborough Day 17th Sept

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OC Curborough Day 17th Sept

Postby NickD » Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:14 am

The Annual Owners Club Curborough Club Day will take place on 17th September which is the Friday before the National Rally at Chatsworth House.

This is a tremendously fun event, being relaxed and informal with heaps of encouragement and help for novices and experienced drivers alike. The short sprint track is both challenging and yet benign enough for the inexperienced.

This is very much a social day as much as driving and has become somewhat of a regular event. Spectators are more than welcome, in fact encouraged to come and watch.

This year sees a bit of a departure from the past in that due to the National Rally, Curborough is being held on the Friday rather than Saturday and the day will also be broken into two halves.

The afternoon “sprint” (there will be no official timing) will follow the traditional format of one car on track at once and operating a queuing system and will run till 5pm.

However as we have the track all day, in the morning we will provide “Welcome to Track” sessions via Mazda on Track, where novice drivers can come and drive a track prepared MX-5 and receive tuition on track driving. It’s an excellent introduction to motorsport and the 2008 Ladies HSA champion and club member Barbra Fogden started just there, with a session at Curborough.

The afternoon sessions will be £35

Welcome to Track sessions will be £60 and will include both theory and driving.

This event will be run independantly by Mazda on Track,

Further details can be found at - http://www.mazdaontrack.co.uk

Curborough Sprint Track http://www.curborough.co.uk is just off the A38, close to Lichfield, and is easily accessable from the M6 or M1,

Chatsworth, and the Friday night accommadation is approx 50 miles to the north, a 1 1/4 hour drive

The booking form can now be found at

http://www.mazdaontrack.co.uk/mx5-owner ... -350-p.asp

The Chatsworth Committee are not in anyway involved with this event, all enquires and bookings are to be made directly with Mazda on Track

Current Drivers

1.Michael Turner
2.David McKenlay
3.Ian Cottom
4.Alex Jones
5.Phil Yeomans
6.Simon Kelly
7.Stuart Bird
8.Peter Hazzard
9.Richard Priest 1
10.Richard Priest 2
11.James Mackcraken
12.Michael Jones
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Postby Alex » Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:48 pm

Wooo, managed to convince Jimmeh and my brother to come along.
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