Max5 changes for 2011

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Max5 changes for 2011

Postby DaveMc » Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:00 am

According to the BARC website, Max5 will be joining a new open sportscar series for 2011.

The BARC Open Sportscar Series is new for 2011 and is set to see an amalgamation of two previously well supported Sportscar Championships, the MaX 5 Championship and the Westfield Sportscar Championship, supplemented by a variety of Caterhams and some of the lesser powered TVR models
All cars will run in exactly the same trim as they did in their individual races or series, but now drivers will have the thrill of racing in bigger grids and with different cars.
The format of the series will be based on competitor friendly, cost-saving ‘double headers’ - each event will feature a single 15minute qualifying session and two races of 20minutes duration at various circuits around the country.
The jewel in this crown will be an early summer date for a ‘Double Six’ team endurance event where teams of two or more drivers will compete over 60minutes qualifying and two 6hour races, taking in a broader range of production based sports cars.
Another new competitor friendly cost-saving measure for 2011, is that existing and potential competitors will be allowed the facility of a ‘trial’ event, where the membership and registration requirements of the regulations will be waived for the first event entered. In the case of subsequent events entered, the regulations will once again fully apply and membership / registration costs become fully payable.
It is anticipated that further road going derived sportscar classes (MG F / TF’s, Lotus Elise, Alfa Romeo etc) may be added in due course, encompassing other sportscars of different types, whereupon additional technical regulations covering the new classes will be added.
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