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Postby DaveMc » Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:31 pm

As soon as the volunteering details arrive I'll be putting my name down to marshal again. This time post 25 near Tetre Rouge. Marshals camping is close to the post. I've already booked the ferry, Tuesday night from Portsmouth to Caen. Will get to Le Mans in time to sign on and collect passes, orange romper suit etc. then off to the post, set up camp and ready for practice to start at 3. Coming back straight after the race, night ferry again.
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Le Mans 2013

Postby mjgerrard » Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:48 am

greg#2 wrote:
mjgerrard wrote:
greg#2 wrote:[quote="mjgerrard"]Cheers Vic will have a look!

Yes Greg the 3L. They only do the coupe in that engine size and while that's good in the fun factor, this is going to be my daily drive. Due to fuel costs I am now going to live in my car.

This would be my inspiration for the sport back project by the way :)

to be fair, driven in a similar style, i'd be surprised if it was significantly worse than the 5 on fuel, those bmw engines are remarkably good on fuel and the '5 is remarkably bad

True Greg, but the mx5 isn't being replaced. My 120D is! I do 30k+ miles per year in the diesel at 48mpg so I am pretty buggered.

ouch, that's nearly £2,500 difference per year, when you add back the tax on those earnings, you are looking at a nasty number
:shock: :cry:

still, look on the bright side, you will enjoy those miles more than in a 120d[/quote]

Aye. That was the general idea as the D stands for dull in this case.

I did get 35mpg average on the way home, which was surprising. Things might not be so bad!

@kristabella I see what you mean about the ferry. I don't mind the extra time as I did see the extra mileage in both UK and France as being a bit much when using the Chunnel in comparison to Caen or Dieppe.

We've got grandstand tickets but it'd be good for everyone to meet up at the circuit somewhere. It sounds like a convey is going to be difficult.
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